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New Mexico is the spot, taking flight is the dream, and we are the people to make your dream of being a pilot come true. We provide only the very best schools in the state for you to acquire your own pilot's license. No matter if you are starting with an amazing Discovery Flight, or want to advance further for a license, our flying lesson specialists are prepared and waiting to get you in the best program for you!

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New Mexico Discovery Flights

Discovery Flights are an amazing opportunity for new flyers in New Mexico to experience flying a plane for the first time!

New Mexico Flight Schools is proud to provide an affordable way for you to have the feeling of flying an airplane for the very first time. Discovery flights provide an exemplary occasion for you to make a determination as to if you want to devote the time and effort required to be a certified pilot. The most incredible opportunity for you to get the chance to maneuver an aircraft, but to also learn more about the management and function of the airplane, is via the Discovery flight. One of our FAA certified flight instructors will stay by your side throughout, provide important insight into the machinery of the airplane, and perhaps teach you a trick or two. Most discovery flights are performed in single engine, light weight aircraft like the Cessna 172 or Piper. These airplanes have a max cruise rate of 150 knots and are best for training purposes. Discovery flights typically last about an hour from start to finish. When you've achieved an appropriate training elevation, you will be given the control of the aircraft to pilot. Some of our facilities allow for an extra person to ride with throughout your flight, feel free to inquire with our friendly staff members as to which sites allow for it.

Prior to departure, you'll begin with the pre flight examination of the aircraft to make certain that every little thing is in top condition for your discovery flight. Once the ground analysis has been performed, your instructor will demonstrate how to drive on the runway and make all last-minute gauge checks before take off. Flight time during your discovery flight will stretch from 25-45 minutes When you are in the air the instructor will offer additional information as to the function of the plane's cockpit console and permit you to maneuver the airplane by yourself. They may have even been prompted to illustrate a trick or two, like a 180 degree turn, and allow for you to attempt it as well. This is a great trial opportunity for you to really feel the experience of flying and make a decision as to whether it's a calling that's right for you. Don't wait another minute, call us right now at 1-888-994-9308!

New Mexico Discovery Flights

Discovery Flights Over Beautiful New Mexico

If you're seeking an intro to the world of small craft flight, then you are looking for a Discovery Flight. While enjoying a stunning view of the world below, your certified instructor will show you what it's like to be a pilot.

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New Mexico Flying Lesson Gifts

The Gift of Flight

Make their flying dreams come true! New Mexico Flight Schools offers Christmas gift certificates for Discovery Flights in New Mexico for your friend or relative who has the aspiration to be a pilot. Christmas Gift certificates are redeemable for up to 2 years at at our academies across New Mexico!

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New Mexico Private Pilot License

Pilot Training for Non-Commercial Purposes

If your mind is bent on an New Mexico Private or Sport Pilot License, then look no further! All across New Mexico, New Mexico Flight Schools has quality schools for you to start your adventure. Our knowledgeable experts are waiting for you to take that next step toward your dream becoming a reality.

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New Mexico Commercial Pilot Training

Train to Become a Commercial Pilot

The decision to pursue a career in flight is possibly one of the greatest you will ever make. There is a lot that goes into being a pilot, and New Mexico Flight Schools will show you the way.

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Are you prepared to fly in the New Mexico sky? New Mexico Flight Schools has an organization of affiliate flight academies in New Mexico that are second to none! Don't wait ! Make your fantasy of flying become a reality! No matter what your goal may be, the options for Discovery Flights and Training to become a Pilot's are endless. With the absolute best quality schools and instructors of the highest merit, your goal in aviation can be reached and it is our goal to assist you in reaching it.

Is learning to fly an airplane your dream? New Mexico Flight Schools cares about your desire to fly. The training courses and flight services we offer are all to get you up into the sky and accomplishing your goal. When you're all set to fly, New Mexico Flight Schools will link you with the best schools to take you there. Currently, 100 plus (and counting) flight schools across the US are prepared to accept our gift cards. At airports both small and large, these schools are not restricted to New Mexico. They are found at locations around the whole country. You can trust New Mexico Flight Schools to place you with the best trainer in your area!